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In order to be accepted as a GL Registrar you must fulfill one of the following requirements:

Also, Tusass may at its own discretion accept Registrars with numerous existing legacy registrations as Registrars.

Application Procedure

The actual application procedure is quite informal, and should take no longer than 1-2 days to process. The process is free, and does not require any deposit.

If your organization fulfill the requirements, please write an email to [email protected] requesting access to the GL Registry. Tusass will verify your accreditation and credentials, after which you'll be given an account on the GL Registry interface. We'll require that you update your account information with up-to-date contact information, in particular this is what we'll use as our payment contact point, in case of issues. After this you'll have full registration access to the interface.

For information on billing and other technical and administrative details see the Registrar Info page.

Transfer of existing domains (Optional)

If you company has existing .GL legacy registrations, you may ask for a bulk transfer into your account, this can only be done for domains which your organization is a billing contact for. A bulk transfer is free and the procedures are as follows:

Send an email to [email protected] with the billing contacts your domains are registered under. As response you'll receive a list of domains that are registered under those credentials, in this process we'll also verify that the credentials actually point to your company. You'll be allowed to dispute the list, this part of the process will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Finally when all issues are resolved, Tusass will bulk-transfer the domains into your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check the status of my domain?

Use the whois service at, this can be accessed using the web interface at http: //

This will also show you the expiry time of your domain, the nameservers it uses, which domain registrar your domain is registered with (Legacy means it's registered directly using a form) and most of the contact information associated with the domain.

My domain is listed as expiring the 1 January, why?

The .GL Registry is currently in flux with the introduction of the new Registrar program, and in general the improvements associated with having an actual whois system, which .GL never had before. As a consequence, legacy domains that haven't yet been renewed for this year, or where we haven't yet updated the status following a renewal, will show up as expiring on the 1st of January. Please allow at least a month from your date of payment, after that feel free to contact us if you're sure you've paid for the renewal.

This is only relevant for Legacy registrations, registrar controlled domains will show the right status immediately on renewal.

A domain is listed as expiring on the 1 January, can I register it?

No, please see the previous answer for the reason why. The domain MAY become available, but domains beyond their expiry date are NOT free for registration, only a return answer of "not registered" will mean the domain is free for registration.

For how many years can we register a domain?

We generally prefer 1 year registrations for now, however 2 year registrations are enabled. The reason for this limitation is that the pricing is currently being reconsidered, and we don't want multi-year registrants to feel cheated in that process.

How do we transfer a legacy domain into to our account?

Use the transfer mechanism (EPP/HTTP) with a valid auth code. Legacy domains are not protected with domain locks, and will therefore transfer immediately if the gaining registrar provides a correct auth code. Any registrant or administrative contact for a domain can obtain the auth codes for a legacy domain by using the facility, if their email address is properly registered with their domain.

How do we change the ownership of a domain?

Change the registrant contact, we do not keep separate ownership information, nor do we require an ownership change form for registrar controlled domains.

Does transferring of a domain between registrars result in an automatic 1-year renewal of a domain?

No. But any registrar is free to bundle a transfer with a renewal. This can also be achieved by modifying the auto-renew settings on transfer, under automation in your HTTP interface account settings.

Are there any costs for a domain transfer?

Not currently, but we do intend to add a small transfer fee in the future, to limit any misuse/overuse of the transfer functionality. We will notify all Registrars when it's introduced.

Do you have a redemption period?

Yes, 30 days redemption on domain deletion.

Do you have a grace period?

Yes, a 24 hour grace period. This also applies to auto-renew.

Do you use/allow IDN?

No, nor are there plans to support it.

What is the minimum/maximum amount of characters allowed?

We allow from 1 to 63 characters, in other words our only limitations are technical limits.

What is the maximum number of EPP connections allowed per registrar?

The registry currently has a hard limit of 512 EPP connections. However we reserve 2 connections for
each Registrar, to prevent any accidental DoS and to ensure that every Registrar can always connect to
the Registry, the rest of the connections are available on-demand to any Registrar, under normal
conditions no client should hit a limit.

How long does it take for a modification to take effect in the .GL zone?

Worst case time is 31 minutes (During normal operation). This includes registrations, nameserver
updates, suspensions and anything else affecting the zone.

How long does it take for a contact modification to take effect in the whois?

Changes to contacts are applied almost instantaneously.

Do you support IPv6 nameservers?