Registrar FAQ

This FAQ is meant for Registrars, eg. organizations facilitating domain registration for other parties. Registrants will probably find the Registrant FAQ more informative.

Administrative Questions

  • For how many years can we register a domain?

We generally prefer 1 year registrations for now, however 2 year registrations are enabled. The reason for this limitation is that the pricing is currently being reconsidered, and we don’t want multi-year registrants to feel cheated in that process.

  • How do we transfer a legacy domain into to our account?

Use the transfer mechanism (EPP/HTTP) with a valid auth code. Legacy domains are not protected with domain locks, and will therefore transfer immediately if the gaining registrar provides a correct auth code. Any registrant or administrative contact for a domain can obtain the auth codes for a legacy domain by using the facility, if their email address is properly registered with their domain.

  • How do we change the ownership of a domain?

Change the registrant contact, we do not keep separate ownership information, nor do we require an ownership change form for registrar controlled domains.

  • Does transferring of a domain between registrars result in an automatic 1-year renewal of a domain?

No. But any registrar is free to bundle a transfer with a renewal. This can also be achieved by modifying the auto-renew settings on transfer, under automation in your HTTP interface account settings.

  • Are there any costs for a domain transfer?

Not currently, but we do intend to add a small transfer fee in the future, to limit any misuse/overuse of the transfer functionality. We will notify all Registrars when it’s introduced.

  • Do you have a redemption period?

Yes, 30 days redemption on domain deletion.

  • Do you have a grace period?

Yes, a 24 hour grace period. This also applies to auto-renew.

  • Do you use/allow IDN?

No, nor are there plans to support it.

  • What is the minimum/maximum amount of characters allowed?

We allow from 1 to 63 characters, in other words our only limitations are technical limits.

Technical Questions

  • What is the maximum number of EPP connections allowed per registrar?

The registry currently has a hard limit of 512 EPP connections. However we reserve 2 connections for each Registrar, to prevent any accidential DoS and to ensure that every Registrar can always connect to the Registry, the rest of the connections are available on-demand to any Registrar, under normal conditions no client should hit a limit.

  • How long does it take for a modification to take effect in the .GL zone?

Worst case time is 31 minutes (During normal operation). This includes registrations, nameserver updates, suspensions and anything else affecting the zone.

  • How long does it take for a contact modification to take effect in the whois?

Changes to contacts are applied almost instantaneously.

  • Do you support ipv6 nameservers?


Payment Questions

  • How often will we receive an invoice?

Currently every month, if there is an owed amount on the account.

  • Is it possible to refill our Registrar account using a credit card?

Yes! Please contact the registry at

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