Registrant FAQ

Administrative Questions

  • How can I check the status of my domain?

Use the whois service at, this can be accessed using the web interface at This will also show you the expiry time of your domain, the nameservers it uses, which domain registrar your domain is registered with (Legacy means it’s registered directly using a form) and most of the contact information associated with the domain.

  • My domain is listed as expiring the 1 January, why?

The .GL Registry is currently in flux with the introduction of the new Registrar program, and in general the improvements associated with having an actual whois system, which .GL never had before. As a consequence, legacy domains that haven’t yet been renewed for this year, or where we haven’t yet updated the status following a renewal, will show up as expiring on the 1st of January. Please allow at least a month from your date of payment, after that feel free to contact us if you’re sure you’ve paid for the renewal.

This is only relevant for Legacy registrations, registrar controlled domains will show the right status immediately on renewal.

  • A domain is listed as expiring on the 1 January, can I register it?

No, please see the previous answer for the reason why. The domain MAY become available, but domains beyond their expiry date are NOT free for registration, only a return answer of “not registered” will mean the domain is free for registration.

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