Direct Registration

Even though it is still possible to register directly, we strongly recommend using a registrar for domain registration.

Please see our official registrar list to locate a registrar.

Tele Greenland still support the old Legacy registration model, using registration forms. Please be aware that registration through this model may take up to 3 weeks, and any modifications to contacts and nameservers will require filling out a new form and paying a modification fee.


Be sure you’ve read, understand and accept the Registration Agreement.

In order to register a domain through the legacy process please use the following form.

Fill out the pdf document (it’s editable in Adobe acrobat) and email it to

Registration Fees

These are the current .GL direct registration fees.

Registration 199 DKK
Renewal 199 DKK/year
Modifications 100 DKK

The registration fee includes the first year.

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